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Why Start Again with ServiceNow?

If I had to choose one word to describe effective service delivery it would be visibility.

Can you confidently say you have visibility?

If not, read on.

The reality for most organisations is that they have different teams using completely different tools using different data, different views of that data and ultimately different outcomes. Everyone is speaking a completely different language. For most this is a legacy from a decade (or more) of half-hearted attempts to digitally transform the services they deliver. But over time this investment in point solutions has created such a chaotic and complex technology architecture that no one knows which way is up anymore.

Technology estates are impossible to manage and with it the credibility of technology as the solution to tomorrow’s problems has evaporated. With each new investment complexity seems to rise, new sources of inefficiency are exposed and simply throwing money at the problem is no longer the accepted solution.

So, how do we start heading in the right direction?

For most organisations it’s all about starting from the beginning, all the way down to the foundational data level. It is this data that is ultimately the lifeblood to the way you operate and the services you deliver.

The ServiceNow platform is often referred to as a service management tool, an ITIL platform or a helpdesk solution. And though each of those statements are factually correct in their own right, it’s so much simpler than that. That is because foundationally, once you strip all the features and functions away, it is a data platform. What it truly is, is an integrated configuration management database and common service data model.

With the right foundation in place, and the clarity of how you go about delivering services, now you can start to think about what you’re going to layer on top of that.

And there’s plenty to choose from…...

Every day, organisations deal with a swamp of event traffic coming through against the multitude of services they deliver. With the visibility you now have you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate targeted and prioritised alerts. Your teams have full traceability to rapidly triage issues, getting to the root cause with minimal wasted time and effort.

So, why start again with ServiceNow?

There’s no point selling you on a pipe dream of efficiency gains, cost savings, personalised experiences etc etc. We’ll leave that to the vendors of your point solutions.

You want to invest in ServiceNow if you want visibility - if you want to get the basics right first. Then the rest will take care of itself.

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